środa, 13 marca 2013


 Still wondering: THIEBOU DIENNE or MAFE YAP?

Something I genuinely love about Warsaw is its (still fledgling) diversity. In every single sense of this word. I do realize that our capital is totally different from the Western European metropolises but it is somehow a reason to be happy. We can maintain our spirit and still welcome other cultures. Like African, for instance. It is not as easy to find an African bar in Warsaw as it is in Paris or Brussels. But when there is a will there is a way;) trust me- once you find it you won't be disappointed. 
It's been quite a while I discovered Cafe Baobab in Praga district. I tried Pastellas (some kind of dumplings with fish and parsley filling) and Boulettes de poisson (balls made of fish fried in deep oil) served with delicious tomato sauce and I shortly became heavily addicted to Senegalese food. 
There are not many dishes to choose from but you can be sure that you'll eat freshly prepared food. One thing is certain: you better forget about any diet for the next tens of minutes;)



Once you enter the place you'll feel like home, I bet my finger on it:) the place is not very spacious what makes it pretty cozy. Senegalese folk beats softly interweave with modern tunes from the Dark Continent in the background. The difference between an average fast food bar or restaurant in the city center and Cafe Baobab is that in this offbeat African place you don't even want to rush. You just wish to enjoy the blissful peace of this marvelous cafe.

my friend from France, Lison, drinking BISSAP

Bissap-hibiscus juice- is an indisputable must once you pay a visit to Baobab. This fuchsia-red drink is a delicious combination of freshness and sweetness with a pinch of picquancy and bitterness.

Baobab is located on 31 Francuska st. in Praga district. It's pretty easy to get there from the city center (any tram that goes in Gocław/ Praga direction). Get off on Rondo Waszyngtona. From there it's a walkable distance.
Be benen yoon* in Baobab! :)

Cafe Baobab is full of beautiful photos and African decorations

*see you next time in Wolof language

sobota, 9 marca 2013


The more I travel abroad, face different cultures and meet new people the more I ask myself "How to define polishness. What are we like? How do others see us?"

Damn, it is a hard nut to crack to come up with the perfect definition of the "polishness". The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about my fellow countrymen is that we simply love to complain! We can complain for hours about politics (well, in this case it is 100% justifiable), money, existential problems, love. Men complain about women. Women complain about men. That's not the only "polish" thing. I've been trying to find more of them. I talked to my best friend, a Polish philology student, if according to her it is possible to say that Disco Polo and beer with raspberry syrup can fit the definition of the "polishness". Not surprisingly, she said that beer with raspberry syrup is for occasional drinkers, not the "stereotypical Poles" who, in addition, aren't massive fans of Disco Polo. That is the contradiction of my hypothesis so I decided to give up on trying to define it... It's up to you to judge it. However, here is a little hint that may help you to get familiar with our culture and experience it on your own. 

As we all know, the best way to comprehend the locals is simply to spend with them as much time as possible. We, Warszawiacy (yeah, we, people from Warsaw) like to spend evenings with friends. Either at home or in pubs and bars. There're plenty of bars to choose from but not in every bar you'll meet the realest Poles. Warsaw is full of Arabic, Indian and international places. If you starve to grasp the meaning of the polishness I recommend you to go to one of those in Praga Północ district or the city centre.

Pavilions Nowy Świat 26 (in the yard) in the city centre, Nowy Świat street.
The pavilions above are the apple of the eye of Varsavians, the soul of the city for many students. The government once wanted to annihilate them but, luckily, the youth from Warsaw stood against the gov's decision. Students of the polytechnic, the University and other school often come here for sheesha and some beer. It's a must during your stay in our city. Once you go there you'll feel the real Warsaw's atmosphere floating in the air of those cozy cafes. 

the surroundings of the pavilions. Paradise for Graffiti fans!

If you feel like taking a trip to other districts you should visit Praga Północ.
There are quite a few night clubs and pubs. I chose the most friendly and unique ones.

OPARY ABSURDU - if you feel like chilling out, sipping some good beer and experiencing the perfect mixture of Kazimierz district in Kraków and Praga in Warsaw, go to Opary Absurdu.

LA PLAYA - Real paradise for those who miss the beach but can't go to the seaside! Open from May to September, by the Vistula river. The realest beach with sand, sunbeds and refreshing drinks.

SKŁAD BUTELEK - If you're up to something fun but you aren't decided if you want to dance or chill out this is a perfect place for you. Live music, concerts and parties.

PANTOGRAF - If you wanna feel like home go to Pantograf. A cozy pub with a fireplace, home cuisine and wide range of alcohols.

SENS NONSENSU - A perfect place for those of you who wish to experience the real Praga's atmosphere. A place located in an old tenement house. 

SEN PSZCZOŁY - Was such a nice place but unfortunately got burnt:(

the surroundings of the pavilions
I hope that this post was a bit useful and that after trying out my propositions you'll be able to come up with your own definitions of the polishness;)
No doubt, it is not the only way to feel the atmosphere of Warsaw. I'll be updating it all gradually:)

środa, 6 marca 2013


After Japanese sushi, Turkish kebabs and Chinese rice, another specialty captured the hearts of many Poles.  Poland is undoubtedly a global village and our cuisine is being gradually replaced by dishes from different regions of the world. This time it is an European dish that took over our hearts, souls and stomachs. Delicious, crispy Belgian fries. Once I heard about them, I couldn't miss the chance to taste something new;)
I must admit, I am among those Poles whose hearts has been stolen for those tasty snacks. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from: 

A large selection of sauces gives the fries distinctive and unique taste. 
I'm a massive fan of the traditional, thick Belgian fries and Bicky sauce.

Bicky sauce
I'm Polish and I love Belgian snacks. As a local, I'd really recommend Fabryka Frytek to you.
Especially to those who aren't willing to taste our local cuisine (yeah, I've met people who didn't want to try our cuisine because the name sounded too strange for them) and prefer to eat something "reliable" and known. 
The portions are really big and will fill your stomach quickly. Another advantage: they're quite cheap, perfect for low-budget travelling:)

Convinced? The Fries' Factory is in the very centre of Warsaw. 3 Złota street. Very close to Metro Centrum, a walkable distance (around 7min)

poniedziałek, 4 marca 2013


To start with, my indescribable love to Warsaw led me to start this blog. I have always enjoyed being in this city, wandering, discovering new places on my own. Then I started capturing the moments in photos, scribbling down the names of new places-to-be-in and finally taking my foreign friends to enjoy the capital with me. I can't keep in anymore I simply need to share it with you guys. The purpose of this blog is simple: to share my love and make you spend awesome time in Warsaw, at least a bit. I am always here to advice you, take you on a tour around Warsaw, its parks, pubs, restaurants, museums, clubs and more. I'll be letting you know about useful websites, hostels, transport, providing you with useful Polish phrases and more. Discover undiscovered places with me!
sunset in Warsaw. Photo found somewhere on Facebook