poniedziałek, 4 marca 2013


To start with, my indescribable love to Warsaw led me to start this blog. I have always enjoyed being in this city, wandering, discovering new places on my own. Then I started capturing the moments in photos, scribbling down the names of new places-to-be-in and finally taking my foreign friends to enjoy the capital with me. I can't keep in anymore I simply need to share it with you guys. The purpose of this blog is simple: to share my love and make you spend awesome time in Warsaw, at least a bit. I am always here to advice you, take you on a tour around Warsaw, its parks, pubs, restaurants, museums, clubs and more. I'll be letting you know about useful websites, hostels, transport, providing you with useful Polish phrases and more. Discover undiscovered places with me!
sunset in Warsaw. Photo found somewhere on Facebook

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  1. Great idea and a very good person to make it happen. Good luck Monia! :)